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“… reminiscent of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Bowie-esque prog-pop, ethnic music from Southeast Europe… Well crafted, well blended, and Emil deserves as wide an audience as possible”.

Musicyouneedtohear.com blog about Emil’s album

Emil was born in Bulgaria and grew up in the Soviet Union (Moscow and Siberia). He lives in Hungary from the age of 17. He was exposed to a very different life and music influences, which determined his approach to making music. Between 1994 and 2009 Emil was the keyboardist of Korai Öröm — a band well-known in Hungary and other countries. Korai Öröm gained popularity both at home and abroad, played several times at the Sziget Mainstage and toured a lot in Europe. In 2009 Annamari Olah and Emil formed Meszecsinka (Mesechinka), which is one of the most interesting world music bands in Hungary today. The group is touring a lot through Europe, America and Russia. Their latest album won the prize Fonogram for the best world-music album of the year.

In spite of the popularity of his bands, Emil’s own music has not been widely publicized. Now he presents one section of it — twelve Bulgarian songs written in recent years, in the album “Only alone I know”. Musically we hear a variety of styles, from acoustic, deep tunes supported by string quartet through Balkan brass vibes to hard rock. The lyrics are the common point of the album, they are translated to four languages on www.EmilArt.space . The album was introduced at Sofia Live Club — one of the most prestigious venues in Sofia, situated in the Palace of Culture. It is released by Narrator Records and can be heard here https://samosam.bandcamp.com/.

Here are some visualizations of songs from the album, as well as new ones:

a nature ambient:

a philosophical multi-language one:

live video of a new song:

and a new one from the upcoming new album:

“The album features a truly international cast, as the guitarist is Armenian, the cellist is Ukrainian, the brass band is made up of Bulgarian gypsies and Emil’s own son performs alongside them all.” Musicyouneedtohear.com

Hemus — the magazine of the Bulgarians in Hungary wrote warm critics about the album and posted it on its cover:

Emil has performed among others on the Hungarian state TV channel Duna TV, available in all countries of the Carpathian Basin.






Musician at Meszecsinka and EmilArt.space, songwriter and storyteller. Facebook.com/emil.biljarski

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Musician at Meszecsinka and EmilArt.space, songwriter and storyteller. Facebook.com/emil.biljarski

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