The music of the seventies was generally more varied than it is now and less dependent on technology


- What music are you listening to nowadays?

Steve Hacket: I listen to many things from classical to jazz to rock to world music. Recent bands I have enjoyed are Muse and Elbow.

- You were an active participant of the Golden Era of rock. How do you see the world of music then, compared to now? What was better than, is there anything better now?

Steve Hacket: I think the music of the seventies was generally more varied than it is now and less dependent on technology, although the sound is better these days.

- Some people say Rockandroll as an art form is gone, the main proof of it is the fact that there is almost no development and the youngsters copy the styles of the past. How do you see this? What is next?

Steve Hacket: There is a lot from the past to draw from. Music needs to widen its horizons and reinvent itself again.

- It is told that one can be free only if he is free from his past. It must be difficult for you, meeting everyday people who see you as a Genesis guitarist. How do you feel about it, how do you handle it?

Steve Hacket: With one hat I honour my past, but then with my other hat I’m free to explore any genre of music I choose!

- Please introduce your new album!

Steve Hacket: My new album The Night Siren is a rock album which also involves sounds, instruments and musicians from all over the world, including Hungary. It aims to unite people and celebrate differences, which I feel is important in this era of division and prejudice. We need more empathy again in the world today.

- When have you visited Hungary for the first time? What are your impressions of this country and its people, positive and negative?

Steve Hacket:

I thought Hungary was a very beautiful country with really creative people, many of whom have more than one profession.

I was impressed. I continue to love the country every time I visit.

- How did you meet Djabe? Tell about your co-operation.

Steve Hacket: I met Djabe when they approached me via group leader Attila Égerházi. We exchange a lot of ideas when we play music together.

- In June you come to Hungary again. What music shall we expect to hear on this tour?

Steve Hacket: A combination of my music and theirs, as well as spontaneous ideas that we share together.




Musician at Meszecsinka and, songwriter and storyteller.

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Musician at Meszecsinka and, songwriter and storyteller.

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